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Staying At The Forefront Of Skincare

Dallas Surgical Arts, Dallas, TX

Dallas Surgical Arts is a fast-paced practice located in Dallas, Texas, a booming market in the skincare and beauty industry. With client demand at an all-time high, Dallas Surgical Arts stays agile and innovative by staying on top of new treatments and services to improve their client experience and staying active on social media to engage with their community, making Geneo a must-have for their growing practice. Known for fabulous before & after resultsinformative treatment videos, and educational resources, Dallas Surgical Arts has made their mark on the map of Texas 


This practice is known for truly going the extra mile when working with their clients to achieve outstanding and satisfying results.  Through careful assessment of each client’s skincare needs, Dallas Surgical Arts layers additional cosmetic procedures with Geneo to produce healthy, glowing skin with more targeted results. “Geneo is commonly used as a follow up after injection treatments once healing has occurred. We provide a wide variety of treatments that can be used with Geneo when treating the skin to stimulate collagen, smooth wrinkles and fine lines, and improve elasticity.” Says Dr. Randy Sanovich. “Most treatments can be used with the Geneo facial with the following timeframe:

  • Micro-Injection Treatments: Prior to a Geneo treatment, or after complete healing of skin has occurred
  • Dermaplaning: Prior to step one of Geneo facial treatment
  • Botox: After 2-4 weeks from last injection
  • Natural Fillers: After 2-4 weeks from last injection
  • Laser and IPL Procedures: After complete healing of skin has occurred”

Combining both Geneo and cosmetic procedures creates an enhanced treatment protocol that serves as an effective alternative to invasive procedures for skin rejuvenation. Geneo is a great facial to layer in when strengthening skin health and longevity of clients’ skin. 


Dallas Surgical Arts knows it can rely on Geneo for any client, skin concern or season, creating a lot of buzz at this practice as the must-have facial. Currently priced at $150 al la carte or $360 for a package of three treatments, Geneo only accounts for almost half of the total facial treatments performed each month. “It is an easy treatment to sell with outstanding results,” says the Dallas Surgical Arts team. 

In Dallas, the summers are hot and dry, which prove to be incredibly challenging when it comes to maintaining supple and hydrated skin. As we cling tightly to our moisturizer, SPF, and water bottle this summer, the solution often comes from our skin experts at Dallas Surgical Arts. “Geneo is the perfect option to target dry, dull, dehydrated skin and help retain the skins moisture overtime. Regular Geneo facials, based on individual needs provides an extra boost of hydration, especially during the harshest seasons in Dallas. Geneo is a must-have facial at this practice,” Dr. Randy Sanovich tells us. “Any patient that tries Geneo is hooked immediately and schedules additional treatments on the spot. Our patients love coming in for a Geneo facial right before a big event for that instant glowWe love the instant and long-lasting benefits on texture, tone and clarity.” 


Dr. Randy Sanovich is famous for providing extra care and exceptional treatments to his clients. As a leading oral and cosmetic surgeon, he takes great pride in serving each and every patient. Dallas Surgical Arts provides a full scope of oral and facial cosmetic surgeries to help clients achieve better looking skin. This innovative practice continues to reinvent patient care by providing the utmost attention when crafting treatment plans for patients with state-of-the-art technology and procedures. Alongside offering a wide range of skincare treatments, the practice has also built out a beautification program incorporating at-home maintenance products, in-office medical strength cosmetic peels, and a variety of skin rejuvenation procedures. This program is designed to target patients’ all-encompassing needs such as evening out skin tones, repair sun damage, and reduce age spots and fine lines.

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