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Delray Dermatology and Cosmetic Center, Delray Beach, FL

Delray Dermatology & Cosmetic Center, located in the heart of Delray beach, FL is a vibrant practice that has kept the momentum of their business as they continue to deliver excellent compassion and care to their community. With the help of her exceptional team, owner Dr. Francesca Lewis services a wide range of clients offering personalized cosmetic and medical procedures to provide outstanding results. Special events, such as graduations and weddings, are looming in everyone’s minds as we begin to celebrate and connect with loved ones. As we move into the summer, we re-enter “new normal” with fresh perspectives when approaching our skincare routines. Many new, and positive conversations surrounding self-care have emerged as the extreme effects of stress and burnout continue to affect our skin health. Delray Dermatology has created the perfect environment for clients to feel safe and pampered, while also receiving strategic comprehensive treatment plans from expert doctors and estheticians. The practice currently services approximately 50% medical and 50% cosmetic skincare needs with the close care and attention.


Dr. Lewis tells us that “Geneo is a big hit at the practice among all ages. Whether young or mature, Geneo is the go-to universal treatment for all clients.” At Delray Dermatology, the Geneo facial is typically offered at $160, but what makes this practice so savvy is their ability to mix and match treatments for their clients based on their specific needs. “A Geneo facial is often incorporated into packages following injections or Botox treatments to improve overall texture and tone of the skin, which yield more effective and long-lasting results,” says Dr. Lewis. “The Geneo Hydrate Facial is one of our most popular facials as it deeply nourishes the skin and is a great follow up for anti-aging, acne or any invasive procedures.” Add-ons are a great way to make clients feel extra special and cared for during their appointments. One of their go-to add-ons for a Geneo treatment is a micro-current mask or jelly mask to finish off each treatment with an extra boost of hydration. These are typically priced from roughly $30 and recommended based on each patient’s needs.


With hot humid weather on the horizon, oily, acne prone skin is a common problem for any age. There is no better opportunity to treat acne than with Geneo Balance Facial, a natural corrective treatment that provides instant gratification after just one session. Dr. Lewis says, “We package the Balance Facial in a set of three, offered at discounted price for younger acne patients. This allows young teens learning to care for their skin to establish consistency and receive regular treatments and target trouble spots over time.” “Personally, I love the Geneo because of the exfoliation element. The Balance Facial for acne is a favorite because clients can feel the tingle of the mandelic acid. Each facial is always associated with results. B&A’s are amazing, and clients have an instant glow and see visible improvements in texture and tone almost immediately,” says the Delray Dermatology team. With the help of Geneo, Delray Dermatology has continued to stay at the forefront of cutting-edge technology and providing the attention and care of each of their clients.


Owner of Delray Dermatology & Cosmetic Center, Dr. Francesca Lewis, opened her practice a few years back with the goal of caring for her community and fulfilling all of her client’s skin concerns. Dr. Lewis offers custom care given her expertise in skin cancer diagnosis, surgical management, and cosmetic dermatology. Her goal for each client is to deliver personalized treatment plans for each patient to address their needs. The practice provides extensive offerings from general and cosmetic dermatology, plastic surgery, and aesthetic services. As the practices has so eloquently stated as their tagline, “Natural beauty has never been this close”. Dr. Lewis is dedicated to providing the utmost quality and care when it comes to helping her clients achieve natural looking results. CTA: For more information on Delray Dermatology & Cosmetic Center https://delrayskin.com/ or go to our Practice Finder Map