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Hopkins Dermatology, Southlake, TX


Dr. Janine Hopkins, proud owner of Hopkins Dermatology and recognized as one of New Beauty’s top female doctors in 2021, is on the map in Louisiana and Texas, known for delivering outstanding service to her patients through her expertise as both a Certified Dermatologist and Physician. She is committed to raising the bar through innovative treatments and procedures specific for her patient’s needs. They are constantly adopting new techniques and technologies to better serve their patients and provide exceptional results, which made Geneo the perfect addition to not just one, but both of their locations.


Hopkins Dermatology offers a Geneo facial for $275 and is the go-to treatment. Dr. Hopkins saw a return on investment for her first Geneo device within just one month! What makes Geneo so incredibly unique is that it’s an effective treatment for all ages, skin types, and genders.

In recent years, Dr. Hopkins’s business has expanded, opened a second practice and knew she had to bring in a Geneo device after seeing the enormous success of her Geneo first location. She tells us, “Geneo is the “it” facial at my medical practice. I love that Geneo provides instant gratification for all my patients, and even a week later, their skin shows noticeable improvements for a hydrated and supple glow! The Geneo is constantly being used so much that we need to hire another esthetician!” Dr. Hopkins states that the market is heavily saturated with a wide range of skincare devices and treatments, but “Geneo is like no other. It is so innovative and fabulous!”  

Dr. Hopkins is so much of a proponent that she recommends to her patients to “schedule an event where you will see everyone you know after a Geneo facial.”


We took the time to talk with Dr Hopkins about her secret tips and tricks when talking to her patients about Geneo. It all starts with staff trainings and demos. Hopkins Dermatology encourages her staff to get a deeper understanding of best practices and results for each product by trying it for themselves and utilizing Geneo’s training assets on the Geneo App, Geneo Provider Portal and monthly live trainings. In addition, this helps to develop strong and effective communication between her estheticians and her patients, equipping them to create a customized skincare experience.

Dr. Hopkins selects which Geneo facial will serve her patients best through careful intention. She treats a wide variety of patients with both cosmetic and medical needs, so combining Geneo with other procedures and treatments was a no brainer. “We use Geneo as a holistic approach to improve the elasticity and overall appearance of the skin. We use the Geneo Hydrate Facial in combination with laser skin resurfacing procedures both to prep the skin and as a follow up treatment is an effective way to refresh the epidermis,” Dr Hopkins says. “This is especially effective for filler patients who need injections for kinetic expression and facial asymmetry.” In addition, Dr. Hopkins has found that treating her skin cancer patients with the Geneo Revive Facial gives their skin the extra care and attention to improve texture and discoloration of the skin. She strongly believes that this assists in building patients self-esteem and confidence for the future.

Hopkins Dermatology


Hopkins Dermatology, located in Monroe, Louisiana and Southlake, TX, has committed to providing a superior level of dermatology health care while maintaining a friendly, pleasant, and professional environment in a state-of-the-art facility for over 20 years. In recent news, Dr. Janine Hopkins was named one of New Beauty’s top female doctors of 2021. Dr. Hopkins offers innovative treatments and procedures specific to her patients’ needs. While traveling the globe lecturing, Dr. Hopkins is constantly learning new techniques and technologies. She has recently been awarded a patent pending that will allow her patients and the health care market to more efficiently apply serums and medications. Dr. Hopkins remains focused on delivering optimal care, addressing the needs of her patients at every stage of their lives with an emphasis on skin cancer prevention and treatment.

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