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Jessica Ingeles, passionate business owner of Bare Beauty Studio located in Temecula, CA, loves to provide the ultimate skin experience for her clients. Her goal is for clients to “love the skin they’re in” by offering a variety of facial and body treatments along with full body waxing services. 

As her business continued to expand and evolve over the years, Jessica began to explore corrective and advanced treatment options that would yield immediate results for all skin types and skin condition, leading her to discover Geneo. “I was instantly intrigued by the technology and revenue potential the device offered,” says Jessica. Geneo was perfect for her practice because it is a gentle, easy to use device that does not damage highly sensitive skin. 

Every client loves the exfoliation element of the Geneo facial, especially the bubbling and tingling sensations that feel like the ingredients are actually working themselves deep into the skin, not just on the surface. The Ultrasound and Neo-Massage steps of the facial are so soothing and relaxing some of my clients go right to sleep!” 

Treating Your Whole Body  

Bare Beauty Studio has gained enormous traction with Geneo as clients often inquire about treating other problem areas of the skin. Jessica tells us, “I initially started using Geneo on the décolleté when I first purchased the device, and ever since, I have completely taken off with body facials.” Currently, Bare Beauty Studio prices a Geneo facial treatment at $184, chest $75, and $225 back.  

One tip that has helped Jessica successful launch Geneo Body treatments at her practice is shooting before and after images for clients to see the astounding results Geneo generates, especially with areas of the client’s body that are hard to reach and see themselves. She also uses Geneo’s patient room marketing materials and educational videos on the Geneo App and Provider Portal to help further educate clients and help them understand their skin on a deeper level.  

Geneo Body protocols include: 

    • BIKINI LINE, UNDERARMS & HANDS – 15 minutes
      • OxyGeneo – 6 minutes
      • Ultrasound – 8 minutes
      • Neo-Massage – 6 minutes
    • CHEST, UPPER BACK & BUTTOCKS – 24 minutes
      • OxyGeneo – 8 minutes
      • Ultrasound – 8 minutes
      • Neo-Massage – 8 minutes
    • FULL BACK & LEGS – 60 minute
      • OxyGeneo – 20 minutes
      • Ultrasound – 20 minutes
      • Neo-Massage – 16 minutes

Targeting Stubborn Back Acne with Geneo 

One of the biggest skin concerns that clients of all ages and skin types continue to face is back acne, especially during the hot summer months. Jessica has carefully crafted a series of treatment solutions to clear breakouts and reduce redness

Jessica says, “I recommend Geneo facials at least once a month on the back for my more physically active clients to maintain smooth and clear skin. Some of my regular clients receive a treatment once per week to target acne prone skin and kill the bacteria quickly. For your skin to be hydrated and plumped consistently, it needs to be constantly treated for its current condition.”  

Jessica takes a comprehensive approach to each client’s skincare needs by rotating different Geneo treatments. She says, “When treating cystic acne, my go-to Geneo treatment is the Balance facial, perfect for removing impurities and balancing oily skin. However, I also use the Revive or Illuminate treatments when working with less active breakouts for smoothing and brightening results or the Hydrate treatment for dry, dull skin.” In addition, Bare Beauty Studio incorporates extractions for all facials, cryotherapy when needed, and spot treatments for stubborn areas of the skin.  

About Bare Beauty Studio 

Jessica Ingeles is a licensed Esthetician who has been practicing for 10 years. Starting her early career off in a small studio, Jessica shortly after began working at a local wax chain gaining the necessary experience to one day have her own practice. After two years of renting a small studio once a week she took a leap of faith and started her journey at Sola Salons. She says that “without the constant and continual support of my family, friends and amazing clients I would not have been able to turn my dreams into a reality”.  

At the beginning of 2018, Jessica rebranded into the now Bare Beauty Studio. Since then, she has started her own line of body care & after wax care products. These products are currently retailed in her studio only, but stay tuned, they’ll be online shortly!   

For more information on Bare Beauty Studio visit: https://barebeautystudio.com/ or go to our Practice Finder Map.