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R3 Health, located in Palm Beach, FL, are the aesthetics experts when it comes to beauty and medical services. Geneo is used for over 50% of their monthly facial treatments due to its immediate and long-term results seen after just one treatment. Aesthetician Jenifer Rose tells us, “we always want to incorporate the latest technology into our practices, making Geneo the perfect fit. It offers an individualized approach to treating the skin. Clients love the instant gratification and are addicted to the way their skin feels after a Geneo treatment.”


Within a 3-in-1 skincare platform, Geneo’s patented OxyGeneo technology is the key differentiator versus other facial treatments, which simultaneously oxygenates and exfoliates the skin during the treatment’s first step. “I love that Geneo does so much in just one facial! However, my favorite part is definitely the exfoliation,” says Jenifer. “It exfoliates the epidermis while triggering the Bohr Effect from within.” The Bohr Effect is the body’s natural response of releasing oxygen from blood cells and sending it to the skin’s surface, oxygenating the skin from within for long-lasting results. “Geneo creates CO2 on the skin’s surface, which is starving the skin of oxygen and then re-oxygenates the skin from within. This really helps with cell turnover and improvements in tone and texture,” says Jenifer.

Expert Care Individualized for You.

With over 25 services offered at R3 Health, they are truly the go-to Med Spa if you are looking for a complete, individualized skincare and wellness routine. Although Geneo offers five customizable treatments for every age, skin type and season, Jenifer and her team take skincare personalization to the next level by layering additional treatments to better achieve each client’s skincare needs. “During the same appointment, we can layer on dermaplaning, extractions, jelly mask, high frequency and radiofrequency skin tightening on the face, neck and jawline,” says Jenifer. “We also will do a Geneo treatment a week or two before microneedling, skin resurfacing and IPL treatments for optimal results.”


For consistent results all year long, Jenifer recommends monthly Geneo facials for maintenance. Because there is no downtime needed, you can even stop by R3 Health during your lunch break for a Geneo face or body treatment.

About R3 Health

R3 Health provides a safe and trusted VIP experience designed for members to address all their health, medical, and lifestyle concerns. By applying the latest technology, individualized wellness programs, and cutting-edge treatments, we treat every member with a “whole-body” approach. We believe that personalized healthcare is the key to optimal and balanced wellness, in turn it helps prevent chronic disease and manages the aging process. We’ve taken every measure to create a medical, beauty and wellness community that supports each member at every stage of their wellness journey.