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NuAge Spa, located in Orange County, CA, is known for providing their clients with the latest in skincare technology. So when practice owner Nicole Romero was introduced to Geneo in 2018, she knew Geneo was the perfect device to help launch her business.

When I was looking to open my spa, I wanted to offer something better, different and newer than HydraFacial. Something to get people excited” Nicole said. Immediately, she saw the positive effects.

“Geneo has positively helped the success of the business because it can be used on anyone. It’s so versatile, especially with four different types of treatments. It produces a really good treatment and offers me, as a business owner, a great profit.”
– Nicole Romero, Practice Owner

Nicole also leverages Geneo with other treatments, which results in even more revenue per client.

“During a typical Geneo treatment, we sometimes layer on extractions, masks, eye treatments, etc. We also use Geneo as a prep before more aggressive treatments to really transform the skin, such as IPL or non-ablative skin resurfacing.”

Any Age. Any Skin Type. Any Season.

Geneo offers multiple treatments, each touching on the most important tenets of face rehab: exfoliation, oxygenation, and nourishment. Each treatment targets specific skincare concerns, including dehydration, hyperpigmentation, acne, fine lines and more, making Geneo a customizable solution for everyone. 

These natural treatments coupled with Geneo’s three clinically proven technologies deliver immediate and long-lasting results that you and your clients can count on.

During a consultation, Nicole tells her clients, “Geneo is a newer technology in the marketplace that can treat all skin conditions, and you will see noticeable results. It is everything anyone would want in a facial – comfortable yet stimulating, and super hydrating.

And the best part is, there’s no down time! Unlike other facial experiences that may leave skin red, clients can leave their Geneo facial with a natural, radiant glow.

Marketing Your Geneo.

With a customizable solution for everyone, your business can count on Geneo.

Nicole has amplified her Geneo device and grown profits by building marketing initiatives that guarantee revenue and incentivize her most profitable treatments.

Membership programs and spa packages are a huge business driver for NuAge Spa. 

“When we brought in the Geneo, it took off right away, but it truly soared when we added it to our Membership Package. It is $175 per month, and clients can select from four different treatments. Almost everyone selects Geneo. We truly have created a Geneo following.”
– Nicole Romero, Practice Owner

“We also offer clients Geneo packages, where they commit to three Geneo treatments. I can rely on that revenue for my business,” Nicole adds.

NuAge has also benefited from personalized promotions, especially to incentive trying new treatments.

“We saw an increase in Geneo facials around client’s birthdays and weddings, so we send out an email coupon to clients before their birthdays to come in and treat themselves on their special day.”

– Nicole Romero, Practice Owner

With immediate results and no downtime, clients can go straight from the spa to their birthday celebration.

About NuAge Spa.

Immerse your mind, body, and soul in the decadence of pure relaxation and emerge glowing inside and out when you visit NuAge Spa in Orange County, California.

As a boutique aesthetic and wellness spa, we specialize in rejuvenating your skin and your spirit using proven, science-based techniques as well as those stemming from Mother Nature herself.

Combining the most innovative modern-day technology with natural holistic remedies from all over the world, our NuAge family of massage therapists, aestheticians, and experienced nurses will guide you through an array of treatments to refresh, revitalize, and restore your body and bring you back to the very best you.


How should I prepare for a spa facial treatment?

Discontinue retinol 3-5 days prior to any Geneo treatment, and do not receive dermal fillers or injections within 2 weeks of your Geneo facial.

Additionally, we recommend you remove dirt, oil and makeup with a gentle cleanser several hours prior to your Geneo facial treatment. Once clean, you should apply moisturizer and SPF to protect your skin. Most importantly, avoid irritants or abrasives.

What should I expect during a spa facial treatment?

Generally, your Geneo treatment will include a consultation to identify needs and conditions, followed by a 3-step treatment that provides oxygenation, exfoliation, nourishment and sculpting.

Geneo’s unique method of exfoliation does not include any pulling or tugging on the skin so it is suitable and comfortable for all skin types.

The ultrasound step provides a gentle warming and soothing sensation that helps skin absorb the active ingredients from the serum.

The massage step provides a tension-relieving vibration-based massage to encourage stress in the face to fall away.

What should I expect after my spa facial treatment?

First and foremost, Geneo treatments provide immediate and long-lasting results with no downtime.

We recommend you let your skin recover before washing and reapplying makeup. After three hours your skin will be ready for a light wash and hydration.

We also suggest avoiding heavy exercise, sauna, or outdoor exercises in direct sunlight on the day of your treatment, and advise that you reapply SPF 30 or higher at least every three hours if you are in direct sunlight.

Can I get a facial treatment anywhere on my body?

Geneo treatments are effective just about anywhere on the body where it is appropriate to apply topical treatments. Popular treatments include back facials, neck and décolleté facials, butt facials, bikini facials, arm facials, leg facials, and full body facial treatments.

We recommend that you discuss areas of concern with your esthetician to address specific areas with a personalized treatment.

NuAge Medical Spa

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Reviews from Yelp:

“NuAge is the best SPA around here! More than just super friendly, their focus really is on making the experience not just a great one, but a fantastic one! Nicole is the owner and you will not meet a more genuinely honest and nice person. If there is a way to make your experience more enjoyable she will work 100% to make it happen for you!”
Robert E.

“The most amazing service! Shari has been doing my Botox for a while now so naturally I followed her here! Everything is so relaxing from the lounge area to the complimentary infrared sauna while you wait. I’ve also been for the OxyGeneo facial and it is to die for! Highly recommend! Owners Nicole and Jenny really know what they’re doing!””
Shelby D.

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