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Brio Skin Studio, located in sunny Oceanside, CA has a goal to develop treatments and find products to treat their clients at every stage in their life. 

Whether you’re looking to refresh your skin, heal your acne, or slow down the aging process, they are here as your esthetician to make you feel good when you look in the mirror in the morning, making Geneo a seamless fit in their practice. 

“The Geneo offers technology that’s backed by science, proven with results, and for EVERYONE. I’m not breaking blood vessels on my aging clients; I’m not spreading bacteria on the face with my acne clients; I’m not damaging the skin barrier. The Geneo has something for everyone.”
– Jamie Jeraminas DeNault, Practice Owner and Esthetician

Reliable Results That Speak for Themselves

Geneo’s innovative technology leaves skin oxygenated, exfoliated and nourished for naturally glowing skin. Jamie’s clients love the results. 

She said, “The results are consistent. I know when I send a client home after a Geneo treatment, they are going to be very satisfied with the outcome of their skincare treatment. Their skin is going to be tighter, more hydrated and clearer.”

In addition to the outstanding, immediate results, Jamie explains to her clients that Geneo is an all-in-one, customizable treatment specifically tailored to you. 

“You get the most bang for your buck with Geneo! Exfoliation, oxygenation, hydration, and soothing the skin. All in one visit. We can target your specific skin concern with the right treatment OxyPod, and you’ll have no downtime.”
– Jamie Jeraminas DeNault, Practice Owner and Esthetician

Because of that, Brio Skin Studio has seen a lot of clients upgrading to Geneo facials to combat dry, winter skin.

The Secret to Happy Clients AND Increased Profits

Geneo isn’t just an innovative facial treatment. It is a 360-business partner to help you grow your practice and revenue. Jamie can attest to this. 

“From day one when I was sold my machine, Geneo has taken such great care of me and my needs.”
– Jamie Jeraminas DeNault, Practice Owner and Esthetician

When it comes to profits, Geneo proves to be a great business investment immediately. Jamie’s advice to new and potential Geneo customers is to get the most out of your machine. She said, 

“The Geneo machine can be utilized in more ways than just the Geneo protocols and be more profitable. We offer Geneo as standalone treatments as well as with treatment add-ons, such as extractions, jelly masks, chemical peels and LED, and we can charge more.”
– Jamie Jeraminas DeNault, Practice Owner and Esthetician

Jamie also recommends “using the ultrasound wand for add-ons to other treatments” due to its ability to deliver instant smoothing results on the surface and increase the permeability of the skin’s protective layer, resulting in enhanced absorption of ingredients.

About Brio Skin Studio

The mission Brio Skin Studio was founded on comes from the term Elan Vital.  The definition – élan vital: the vital force or impulse of life; especially: a creative principle held by Bergson to be immanent in all organisms and responsible for evolution.

The creative force within an organism that is responsible for growth, change & necessity or desirable adaptation.

We are constantly changing and evolving in our lives.  We evolve and become a different person throughout our lifetime.  Our skin changes with us, hormonal and environmental changes affect our skin.  

Skin care regimens that used to work in high school are now not working as an adult.  My goal is to develop treatments and find products to treat my clients at every stage in their life.

Whether you’re looking to refresh your skin, heal your acne, or slow down the aging process I am here as your Esthetician to make you feel good when you look in the mirror in the morning.


How should I prepare for a spa facial treatment?

Discontinue retinol 3-5 days prior to any Geneo treatment, and do not receive dermal fillers or injections within 2 weeks of your Geneo facial. 

Additionally, we recommend you remove dirt, oil and makeup with a gentle cleanser several hours prior to your Geneo facial treatment. Once clean, you should apply moisturizer and SPF to protect your skin. Most importantly, avoid irritants or abrasives.

What should I expect during a spa facial treatment?

Generally, your Geneo treatment will include a consultation to identify needs and conditions, followed by a 3-step treatment that provides oxygenation, exfoliation, nourishment and sculpting. 

Geneo’s unique method of exfoliation does not include any pulling or tugging on the skin so it is suitable and comfortable for all skin types. 

The ultrasound step provides a gentle warming and soothing sensation that helps skin absorb the active ingredients from the serum. 

The massage step provides a tension-relieving vibration-based massage to encourage stress in the face to fall away.

What should I expect after my spa facial treatment?

First and foremost, Geneo treatments provide immediate and long-lasting results with no downtime. 

We recommend you let your skin recover before washing and reapplying makeup. After three hours your skin will be ready for a light wash and hydration.

We also suggest avoiding heavy exercise, sauna, or outdoor exercises in direct sunlight on the day of your treatment, and advise that you reapply SPF 30 or higher at least every three hours if you are in direct sunlight. 

Can I get a facial treatment anywhere on my body?

Geneo treatments are effective just about anywhere on the body where it is appropriate to apply topical treatments. Popular treatments include back facials, neck and décolleté facials, butt facials, bikini facials, arm facials, leg facials, and full body facial treatments

We recommend that you discuss areas of concern with your esthetician to address specific areas with a personalized treatment.

Brio Skin Studio

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Address: 1012 S Coast Hwy M, 2nd Floor, Oceanside, CA 92054

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From Local Spa:

“I purchased the Oxygeneo 3 in 1 super facial. It was glorious, my skin is so much softer and it helped with the breakouts I had been experiencing. Jamie is very knowledgeable. I ended up taking my boyfriend for a facial the next week. 😂 He loved it too. His skin needed it. He is out in the sun a lot working. Excited to go back!”
Tiffanie F.

“This place is so cute! Went in for a facial and it was quiet and peaceful! Parking is easy and so was booking. It was my first facial experience and I really enjoyed it. Jamie took care of me, she was REALLY friendly, thorough and did not pressure me into trying anything but explained all of the options well. We did the full Oxygeneo 3 in 1 super facial and my face still feels amazing 5 days out. It cleared up all the congestion I had on my chin and my skin feels so soft! She also explained how important is it to take care of my skin and introduced me to some great SPF that I now use daily. Can’t wait for my next session!”
Sarah M.

“Excited to have a peel with a massage today. So needed!! Loved every minute. So relaxing and my skin feels and looks amazing! Nothing better. Can’t wait to try the Oxygeneo facial next time!!”
– Laura F.

Reviews from Yelp:

“Brio is a must!!! I’ve had quite a few facials in my life and this was certainly top of my experience. Jamie was the esthetician and she couldn’t be sweeter;) I got the Freedom Facial and it was AMAZING! I am visiting, but if I lived here I would see her as much as I can. I’m certainly coming back each time I’m in town.”
– Jenna F.

“I woke up to my skin feeling AMAZING from my OxyGeneo facial yesterday!! Jamie is very knowledgeable and knew exactly what this working Mama of two needed. My skin was so dehydrated from the heat and being on the go with kids, working and riding motorcycles. My skin looks and feels hydrated, firm, and so plump you can’t see my wrinkles!! This facial has given me an extra boost of confidence for my busy work week to come! I will try to make this a monthly treat for myself and it’s going to be my go to gift for family and friends. Thank you so much Jamie for the skin love!”
– Leilani G. 

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