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Facials are what most people think about when it comes to skincare, but there are plenty of full body spa treatment options that can help you relax while treating site-specific skin issues. We’ll introduce you to six facial-style spa treatments for your whole body so you can have radiant skin from head to toe!

6 Full Body Spa Treatment Options to Try

Let’s look at four full body spa treatments that can help combat everything from “bacne” to ingrown hairs. We’ll explain what each treatment involves, why your skin will love it, and which Geneo facial treatment we recommend for each area. 

Woman receiving a Geneo facial treatment on her back. The oxypod leaves a dark-colored residue as the esthetician performs the treatment.

1. Back Facial

In 2020, back treatments rose in popularity in response to social distancing. It provided a way for people to get a much-needed relaxing spa treatment without the risk of prolonged face-to-face interactions. The popularity of back facials continues because they give some TLC to an area that’s often ignored during home beauty treatments. 

What Is a Back Facial?

A back facial begins with a gentle steaming to open your pores and ease you into a state of relaxation. Next, your esthetician will cleanse and exfoliate the skin on your back to remove dirt, dead skin cells, and other skin-clogging impurities. If you have back acne, your treatment will include extractions to help relieve your breakouts. As the final step, your practitioner will apply moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated and refreshed.

Benefits of a Back Facial

There are many benefits to getting a back facial:

  • Deeply cleanses and moisturizes a hard-to-reach (and often neglected) area
  • Relieves current “bacne” and prevents future breakouts
  • Helps you de-stress and enjoy a moment of self-care
  • Lets you look your best in a swimsuit or backless outfit

Which Geneo Treatment Works Best for Your Back?

Geneo Balance Facial

The back has a lot of oil glands, making it prone to “bacne” and hormonal skin issues. Clear up your back with this detoxifying treatment that uses bamboo charcoal to detoxify and remove skin-dulling impurities. It also improves texture and appearance without the downtime that comes with dermabrasion and other harsh exfoliation treatments, and it includes an all-natural balancing serum to provide deep hydration for long-lasting results. 

Back view of woman in a black swimsuit , focused on her back, arms, and butt

2. Butt Facial

Dancers and other performers were some of the first people to line up for butt facials. It’s understandable — if thousands of people are going to see your butt in a revealing costume, you want it to look good! The trend eventually gained popularity with non-performers thanks to “belfies,” or butt selfies, on Instagram. A butt facial ensures the skin on your bum looks so good, people will think you’ve photoshopped it. 

What Is a Butt Facial?

Like the back, the butt is often neglected when it comes to home skincare routines. That means it’s rarely exfoliated, and many people develop folliculitis, an inflammation of the hair follicle that can create pimple-like bumps on your bum. A butt facial treats this and other skin issues by steaming, cleansing, exfoliating, moisturizing, extracting, and masking.  

Benefits of a Butt Facial

A butt facial comes with many benefits:

  • Gives a healthy glow to your backside that will help you rock your swimsuit with confidence
  • Reduces the appearance of butt pimples or inflamed skin follicles
  • Helps even out hyperpigmentation

Which Geneo Treatment Works Best for Your Butt?

Geneo Revive Facial

This treatment uses powerful active ingredients like red algae and retinyl palmitate to deeply hydrate and improve the texture of your skin.  It also increases skin firmness and elasticity, making it an all-around great treatment for your backside.

Woman in a black swimsuit standing on one leg, seen from the shoulders down

3. Bikini Facial

Bikini facials have been around for several years and continue to be popular, especially during swimsuit season. The bikini area is often troubled by ingrown hairs from shaving or waxing, hyperpigmentation, inflammation, or even blackheads. These issues can cause people to become self-conscious when it’s time to hit the beach or go on a date. Everyone wants their skin to look its best, no matter where it is. 

What Is a Bikini Facial?

A bikini facial uses steam, cleansers, peels, and moisturizers, just like a regular facial. It can also include extractions if you have ingrown hairs, though you might ask to skip this step if you have a low pain tolerance. (It’s a sensitive area, after all!) The products used during a bikini facial usually aim to exfoliate and brighten the skin using gentle enzymes and cleansers.

Benefits of a Bikini Facial

Enjoy these benefits of a bikini facial:

  • Removes ingrown hairs and can help prevent future issues
  • Evens out skin tone
  • Unclogs pores that can lead to bumps
  • Removes dead skin cells and impurities so your skin glows

Which Geneo Treatment Works Best for Your Bikini Area?

Geneo Illuminate Facial

Full of skin brightening ingredients, this treatment reduces hyperpigmentation and evens out skin texture for a smoother look. It gently exfoliates to remove dead skin cells, and it includes anti-inflammatory ingredients to soothe redness and irritation from shaving or waxing.

Top view of a Geneo facial treatment being performed on a woman's chest

4. Décolleté Facial (or Chest Facial)

The décolleté or chest area is often overlooked in skincare routines and treatments, but it’s one of the first areas of your body to start showing signs of aging. Décolleté facials or chest facials have increased in popularity in recent years as people have begun including this delicate area in their regular facial skin care routines. 

What is a Décolleté Facial?

A décolleté facial or chest facial covers the neck and upper chest area, and is very similar to a regular facial. It often includes gentle massage in addition to steam, cleansers, and moisturizers, in order to help prevent wrinkles and promote lymphatic drainage. 

Benefits of a Décolleté Facial

There are many benefits to a décolleté facial:

  • Deeply cleanses and moisturizes an often-neglected area
  • Helps prevent and reduce signs of aging in an area with very delicate skin
  • Nourishes skin and promotes skin cell turnover for skin that glows
  • Promotes lymphatic drainage

Which Geneo Treatment Works Best for Your Decollete?

Geneo Detox Facial

Your chest and décolleté get a lot of sun exposure nearly all year. This detoxifying facial treatment fights free radicals, rids your skin of toxins and reduces the appearance of UV damage with active ingredients like green tea extract and marula oil. 

Close-up of Geneo facial treatment being performed on a woman's leg

5. Arm Facial and Leg Facial

Arms and legs are often neglected when it comes to spa treatments, but your limbs deserve some extra TLC, too. The skin on your legs and arms has fewer oil glands than the skin on other parts of your body, so this area is often prone to dryness. A facial treatment provides deep cleansing and moisturization for your limbs, and helps you look your best in any outfit.

What are Arm Facials and Leg Facials?

An arm facial or leg facial works just like any other facial treatment, and includes steam, cleansers, moisturizers, and extractions. If you experience strawberry skin, ingrown hairs, or clogged pores from shaving or chafing, an arm facial and leg facial can help treat those unsightly irritations. 

Benefits of an Arm and Leg Facial

Getting a facial treatment for your arms and legs comes with many benefits:

  • Moisturizes and nourishes skin that is often prone to dryness
  • Removes ingrown hairs and treats “strawberry skin” caused by shaving and clogged pores
  • Evens out skin tone
  • Removes dead skin cells and impurities so your skin glows

Which Geneo Treatment Works Best for Your Arms and Legs?

Geneo Hydrate Facial

Your arms and legs have fewer oil glands, so they often suffer from dryness. Our Hydrate Facial improves moisture retention and revitalizes dry, dull skin. Antioxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients promote cellular renewal to keep your skin looking and feeling refreshed.

Woman laying on her stomach in a spa treatment chair, receiving a Geneo facial treatment on her back

6. Full Body Facial + Full Body Exfoliation Spa Treatment

Sometimes you just need a fresh start. You can get a full body spa treatment that provides deep exfoliation to every inch of skin, removing dead skin cells and giving you a glowing complexion from head to toe. 

What Is a Full Body Facial?

A full body facial treatment works just like a facial treatment for any other body part, but includes everything from your back, neck and decollete, arms, legs, butt, bikini, and anywhere else you would like a facial treatment. 

You can also choose to have just certain areas treated, including a decollete facial, arm facial, or leg facial; or opt for a head-to-toe facial treatment.

Benefits of a Full Body Facial

There are many benefits to getting a full body facial:

  • Deeply cleanses and moisturizes your skin from head to toe
  • Relieves current blemishes and helps prevent future breakouts
  • Oxygenates all your skin from the inside out
  • Lets you look your best in any outfit or swimsuit

What Is a Full Body Facial Exfoliation Treatment?

At your full body facial exfoliation treatment, you’ll start by getting undressed. Your esthetician will apply the exfoliant in stages, and you’ll have a towel so you can cover up areas that aren’t being treated. Using either a mildly abrasive scrub or an exfoliating serum, the esthetician will rub the product into your skin to remove the barrier of dead skin cells. You’ll then rinse off and a moisturizer will be applied to hydrate your skin.

Which Geneo Treatment Works Best for Your Whole Body?

Geneo Hydrate Facial

While any Geneo facial treatment will work well on your entire body, getting a full body facial treatment is a great opportunity to boost your skin’s hydration. The Geneo Hydrate Facial enhances moisture retention, strengthens the skin barrier, and improves skin metabolism–all of which are great for every part of your body. 

Benefits of a Full Body Facial Exfoliation Treatment

Full body exfoliation comes with many benefits:

  • Provides deep relaxation as your specialist gently massages the product into your skin
  • Increases blood flow and gives you glowing skin from top to bottom
  • Offers much-needed exfoliation to areas that are hard to reach on your own
  • Creates a smooth foundation for a spray tan which helps it last longer

Can Geneo Treatments Provide Full Body Facial Exfoliation?

Yes! All Geneo Body Treatments include three stages: Exfoliation, Oxygenation, and Nourishment. 

Here is what to expect in each stage of a Geneo facial treatment:

  • Exfoliation: 
    • Natural ingredients in the Geneo OxyPod react with the Geneo Primer Gel for gentle, non-invasive exfoliation and trigger the oxygenation process within the skin.
  • Oxygenation: 
    • Geneo’s oxygenation process triggers the body’s natural, physiological process of producing oxygen to increase oxygen levels internally within skin. 
    • Oxygen is carried to the surface of the skin where the heightened levels of oxygen prep the skin to absorb nutrients throughout the rest of the facial treatment.
  • Nourishment:
    • A blend of active ingredients is infused into your newly oxygenated and exfoliated skin during our ultrasound and neo-massage processes, allowing for maximum skin nourishment and hydration.

Ready to Look and Feel Your Best All-Over?

Though facial skin tends to get the most attention, all the skin on your body works the same way and needs regular care to keep it healthy. Whether you’re concerned about your back or your bikini line, full body spa treatments are available to help you cleanse, exfoliate, moisturize, and treat any area. 

Geneo facial treatments provide gentle, targeted treatment using 100% natural ingredients, and each treatment can be customized to your skin’s unique needs with the power of our Geneo OxyPods. 

Ready for a head-to-toe glow? Click here to find a Geneo provider near you.