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Meet Geneo, a breakthrough device that unlocks the body’s natural super-powers: Oxfoliate with O2 bubbles, amplify via Ultrasound, and rebalance via Lymphatic drainage. See why this is the gateway to Extraordinary outcomes for your skin…and your life.

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Don’t just take our word for it. Skincare professionals across the United States all agree Geneo is the Facial of the Future.

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The Geneo facial is essentially the future of facials and a celebrity favorite. It definitely will replace old school microdermabrasion.
Nurse Jamie
Celebrity Esthetician
Geneo’s protocol customization helps maximize your time. What I like is that it has everything in one. You can make it 30 minutes, an hour, an hour and a half. You have everything there.
Natalia Moreno
Spa Bar Miami Owner & Esthetician
My favorite thing is the results. I’ve been doing this 25 years now, and I’ve never seen a more effective treatment with no downtime. I also love how my clients can’t get over how effective the treatment is and how their skin is so clean, bright and dewy after. It’s now my secret weapon in the treatment room.
Angela Caglia
Celebrity Facialist & Master Esthetician
We’re actually affecting the deeper levels of the skin to oxygenate them. It is very important for sending the peptides and antioxidants deeper into the skin for longer healing and improvement in the skin. That’s why I think the initial glow that they get when they come out is so significant.
Susan Bruno
Coastal Contours Spa Owner & Esthetician

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