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Selling the Geneo Difference


Soon after the Hollyday Med Spa in Kansas City, MO, received their first Geneo device, the aestheticians started to fight over it. “We knew right away that we had to get more machines,” said Kasha Campbell, practice manager. “When the Lumenis rep first introduced Geneo to us and let us use it for a few days before making a commitment, we fell in love with it.” Less than two years later, this popular med spa has five Geneo devices, one for each facial treatment room. And they’re often all in operation from open to close!

The Geneo Difference

80% to 90% of their clients prefer Geneo over competing facial devices, Kasha noted. Geneo exfoliates, infuses nutrient-rich active ingredients, and oxygenates the skin. Working with the natural processes of the body to increase collagen production, it helps to create tighter, smoother, clearer, more hydrated and nourished skin, and provides long-term rejuvenating benefits. The spa’s other skincare platform, which uses vacuuming and suction to clean the skin, is “bulky and loud, and doesn’t offer as smooth a treatment as Geneo,” Kasha added. “Our clients still feel like they’re getting a luxe, pamperIng facial even though we’re using a machine.”

“The Geneo provides exfoliation that’s comparable to traditional microdermabrasion, which clients didn’t feel they were getting with our other facial device. And the nutrient-rich, active ingredients it infuses into the skin are incredible,” Kasha added.

Geneo: Special Events or Package Deal?

Hollyday Med Spa is doing Geneo 60-minute facials on women of all ages. The starting price is $150, but when dermaplaning, brow tinting or another service is added, the average spend is about $200, Kasha said.  The Geneo is popular among Hollyday clients for weddings, proms, homecomings, galas, fundraisers and other special events.  If a newly engaged woman wants to completely transform her skin before her wedding, a Geneo facial will be the “icing on the cake” after she has other treatments for severe pigmentation and texture issues. “We’ll do a series of six bi-weekly Geneo treatments for engaged women who want a difference in their skin but aren’t ready for lasers. Otherwise, we’ll typically do treatments every four to eight weeks,” Kasha said.

Word-Of-Mouth Advertising and Social Media Are Geneo’s Best Friend

Besides word-of-mouth recommendations, social media is a huge marketing influence for the spa. “It’s just the way people do research now,” she added. “One of our employees will have a Geneo facial with another aesthetician and she’ll post a selfie on Instagram or Facebook right after it so her fans can see how fresh faced and amazing her skin looks. We’ll notice an immediate influx of inquiries.  People will ask ‘What are you doing?  What are you using?’”

Geneo: A Natural Transition To Higher-Priced Treatments

“While plastic surgeons make their money doing mommy makeovers, breast augmentations and tummy tucks, we only specialize in aesthetic medicine. We do it all day, every day. We’ve perfected techniques such as how to hold a handpiece, and the pattern and the speed to use,” Kasha emphasized.

Considering Hollyday’s successful experience, Kasha recommends that a basic aesthetics spa use Geneo to ease its way into the medical side without it being overwhelming to the owner or to customers. “It’s an affordable device compared to lasers, and the cost of product to us is about $19 per treatment, compared to the disposable costs associated with one of the body contouring machines,” Kasha explained. “Geneo also is user friendly and gives you wonderful results without incurring extreme overhead…Once you pay off the Geneo machine you’re able to afford a $150K laser without taking on investors.”

Hollyday Med Spa + Aesthetics

Hollyday Med Spa is a top tier medical and aesthetics spa helping clients bring their inner beauty outward. It is located in a niche neighborhood in Kansas City, MO that “feels like a small town but is still centrally located and minutes away from the Kansas/Missouri state line”. Drawing from many different areas of the city, its clients range from young working families to condo owners and affluent residents in Mission Hills, KS.

For more information on Hollyday Med Spa + Aesthetics visit  www.hollydayspa.com. or go to our Practice Finder Map

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JTAV Clinical Skincare, building Customer Loyalty with Geneo

Uniting Modern Technology With Traditional Skincare

JTAV Clinical skincare is a high-end luxury skincare spa located in midtown Manhattan. Joie Tavernise, Owner of JTAV Clinical Skincare built her practice around the philosophy that no two faces are exactly alike; therefore, no two treatments are exactly alike.

This basic principle has guided her to create a signature experience for every client—one that unites modern technologies with traditional approaches and incorporates a whole body/whole life perspective. A customized, sometimes “less-is-more” approach begins with an intimate analysis of skin composition, lifestyle and treatment goals. This leads to a treatment plan that centers on both leading-edge non-invasive procedures and time-honored techniques.

Long-Term Relationship Building

Joie Tavernise expressed, “Our clientele is very savvy. They know the latest and the greatest. We are in midtown-Manhattan so there are a lot of great options for them to have treatments. They love the idea that we have the skill, we explain to them, we educate them to take care of their skin from an early age. If the client has just started taking care of their skin with a routine or regimen, we educate them on the treatment that we’re offering. Follow up with them and give them the advice they need to take them through the steps long-term. The idea is to commit and have that relationship that we can build with them.”

With One Geneo Treatment Your Skin Can Be Beautiful

Joie notes that with the Geneo treatment, “You want to explain to the client that with one treatment your skin can be beautiful. And have glowing skin. You can feel rejuvenated. The idea is that you’re creating that relationship long-term so they do return. The idea of exfoliating without damaging the top layer of the skin is something that we can do with the Geneo and with exfoliating the top layer of the skin, you’re going to see a smoother brighter complexion. The pores look softer, the hyperpigmentation looks less visible, the skin feels firmer.”

The reliability and instant results of Geneo help drive confidence in the sale. Joie shared that “The Geneo makes the skin feel is amazing. I love that and I feel like when clients come to JTAV Clinical Skincare, they are coming because they want to look and feel your best. I feel like the Geneo ingredients are amazing, the product itself is tried and true. I can speak with clients about the treatment and they can see the results. It gives me the confidence to give them the skin that they’re looking for when they’re coming through my door.”.

Geneo: A Workout For the Skin

The Geneo’s unique technology story, and beauty from within positioning drives instant success with clients. Joie says,  “The Geneo allows us to create that oxygen, that stimulation, almost like a workout for the skin. When they [clients] hear that, who doesn’t want that. They’re like sign me up. Just that alone, the idea that we can create oxygen for a healthy glow is easy for me to sell. Your clients can have this treatment and can leave and feel rejuvenated, re-energized and their skin is actually speaking that whether they’re outdoors or virtual. It’s a nice addition and it’s nice to have it available within the office. It can be used for all ages, all skin types, and it’s really a great start for anyone.”

We Love Selling The Geneo As A Package

Joie also shared with us how she sells the Geneo service. “We love the idea of a package. We know that once you have that initial Geneo treatment you’re going to see the results so we do suggest a package for most of our treatments. The idea is that it is easy to customize for a non-invasive treatment so our prices may be a little higher than some other places considering we are in midtown Manhattan.”. Joie creates the ultimate experience, and ensures to focus beyond just the face, “We have a luxury heated bed and fancy sheets and we try to make it feel like a beautiful spa experience. So that being said, we charge $400 with the combo. The combo involves the face, neck, decollete, and extractions. We always want to clean the pores if that is necessary and try to give a full non-invasive treatment with our different modalities. But we use the Geneo as the start of the treatment. We usually take an hour. We want to make it a luxurious treatment so clients can see the results.”

The Artistry Of Customizing Skincare With Geneo

Joie enthused about Geneo, “I personally like anything that I can customize because when I’m in the room I am almost like an artist. I can mix and match, everyone’s skin is so different and maybe I might do something on the face with the Geneo and I might change the product on the neck and decollete so it gives me the ability to customize. That’s my favorite thing.”

Joie noted that the idea is that you can customize with the Geneo. She can change the product out depending on what’s going on with the client’s skin. If there’s more acne she uses the charcoal, if the client’s skin is dry she may use Revive. If the skin has a little bit of sun damage, she can use Illuminate. “It gives us the option to choose what facial we want to use and immediately give that glow with each of the choices that we’re making. And the ultrasound helps penetrate the product to give that beautiful glow.”

All Natural Ingredients Reduce The Signs of Aging and Fight Acne

“As a skin specialist, I personally love anything that has natural anti-oxidants. I know we’re going to reduce fine lines and reduce wrinkles. We’re going to firm the skin naturally with the natural ingredients. The clients love that you are detoxifying the skin naturally.” Joie leverages the ingredients story as yet another benefit of the Geneo.

“In terms of having the natural rich anti-oxidants that are penetrating the skin…it’s such a great anti-aging idea. The natural ingredients are nourishing the skin, are penetrating to minimize the fine lines. I feel like you immediately see the results and so I feel great using it with the custom treatments that we offer.”

Joie also spoke about fighting acne with the natural ingredients found in the Geneo Charcoal Facial. “I see younger skin that is battling with acne. We have a lot of young clients who have tried prescriptions and tried topicals and their skin is reacting. I’ve never had a reaction with using the Geneo. They actually stop using the prescription and start using the Geneo series [of treatments] and really see an improvement in their skin overall.”

JTAV Clinical Skincare

Joie’s passion for skincare started when she was a teenager struggling with acne and breakouts and didn’t have the right treatments or products. She began to work on special products and ingredients herself. She started her practice in 2008 and grew her business by choosing the best treatments for her clients. Joie and her team of experts provide advanced aesthetic treatments to clients in the luxurious surroundings of her midtown Manhattan spa.

For more information go to www.jtavclinicalskincare.com or go to our Practice Finder Map

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Coastal Contours and Geneo

Beauty from Within

Coastal Countours and Wellness, located in Mobile, AL was started by Michael and Susan Bruno and they have been growing by leaps and bounds ever since. Their mission is to help other people with their wellness, their health, and their overall image of themselves. They cater to a broad range of age groups with the treatments they offer. Susan noted, “So probably are biggest age group is the 30 to 50 group and then there is another subgroup—second in line would be the 50 to 60 age and over group.”

She noted that with the Geneo, “You’ll have great results from it well into 2, 3, 4 weeks. It’s incredible, you look beautiful. You’re beautiful to begin with but we make it even more obvious.”

Geneo Makes Beauty More Obvious

At Coastal Contours they leverage the approachability of the Geneo treatment being non-invasive to intro clients. “We find that the Geneo system starts as a great way to get people into the office. Because it is such a unique treatment, this is a cutting-edge treatment that uses great products, all-natural. It’s very healing, very soothing, so we’re able to treat anything from blemishes and acne to fine lines and wrinkles, rosacea, and things like that.” Bruno says.

The team at Coastal Contours spoke about our patented Geneo technology, “We’re actually affecting the deeper levels of the skin to help oxygenate them. Oxygenating the skin is huge. Very important for sending the peptides and anti-oxidants deeper into the skin for longer healing and longer improvement in the skin. That’s why I think the initial glow that they get when they come out is so significant.”. They also shared their success with both immediate and lasting results, “It’s beautiful. And it really does last. It works over time. If you keep doing them 4 to 6 weeks apart you will literally see people’s skin lifting and tightening itself, reducing the fine lines and wrinkles.”

Geneo: A Natural Treatment for Acne Prone Skin

Susan is a big proponent of the Geneo Charcoal Facial. “We use the Geneo Charcoal Facial the younger groups with acne issues that start at 15 or 16 and go to their late 20’s. We start off with the Charcoal Balance treatment which is super detoxifying and very cleansing. There are a lot of characteristics of charcoal that you can’t get anywhere else.”

She went on to further say, “In terms of the acne, I just can’t begin to tell you how amazing the results are. We’ve had kids with cystic acne, all kinds of different issues with their skin and it not only clears up the blemishes but is clears the scarring as well. It works well with other treatments also. We also have the Hydralux facial, it’s more extracting if you have a lot of clogged pores. But everyone who comes in may have a lot of deep clogged pores. The other facials we have don’t get as deep into the skin layers. That is the biggest difference.’

And Then There’s Maskne

Coastal Contours uses the Geneo to fight the recent skin condition known as ‘maskne’. “This whole maskne thing that’s going on. It’s not necessarily acne but its skin irritations from wearing a mask and having CO2 stuck in there in your skin. That’s one of the benefits of this product is that we’re able to increase the oxygen in your skin. It happens to all age groups. People are coming in and saying, ‘I’ve never had acne’ and I tell them it’s not really acne. So I talk to them about it and tell them about the super results with Geneo.”

The Geneo Is So Exciting It Sells Itself

Susan enthused, “It’s so exciting. It’s so progressive. I love it. My clients love it. If I tell people about it they want to do it. It’s simple because there’s nothing out there that does what the Geneo does. It has 3 steps. Your first step is the cleansing, detoxifying, taking off the first layer of dead skin cells. Then there is ultrasound which infuses the serums that we use deeper into the skin. Then there’s the massage step where you’re increasing lymphatic draining and you’re increasing blood flow. You’re actually not affecting topically, but you’re getting into the skin layers for infusion. That’s why it lasts a good long time.”

Mix & Match Packages A Natural Geneo Win

They have been creative with the versatility offered between each Geneo treatment. “We have got some amazing results with a 3-pack package. They come in once a week for 3 weeks. It’s usually for people who have skin conditions that they are trying to clear up whether its super dry skin, whether its acne prone…which is probably our most common in terms of using the package. But we use combination therapy as well. We use the Geneo for the first treatment to really help detox the pores and the skin and then we’ll use a more extracting treatment and then on the third treatment we go back with the Geneo.  We use the Revive or the Illuminate to give it that final glow, that final moisturizing phase that we really want to have for our clients.”

The customizable protocol process has also proved successful, “We might also mix and match the different protocols within Geneo rather than just keeping to one protocol every time for the package. Clients’ needs may differ as they go through skincare treatments. It just depends on the person’s skin. It is very individualized.” Leveraging the customizable can go a long way with customer loyalty.

The Champagne Facial

The team found a way to take customizing the Geneo even further.  “The Geneo Facial is kind of fun. This is very well thought out. It’s an amazing design. It’s a great treatment. It’s so easy to use. And it’s so different. So starting from the very initial OxyPod, there’s a little pod that we use that combines with the gel that we put on the skin. That starts to bubble as you do the treatment. It’s so fun and it’s tingly on the skin. We call it the champagne facial because of all the little bubbles.”

A typical Geneo facial at Coastal Contours without adding anything extra typically lasts about 30 minutes. They may supplement the Geneo facial with an added extraction service or a clay mask with steam—depending on what the client is looking for. For an extra pampering touch, they add hand massage and facial massage. For a regular Gene Facial the price is  $149 per treatment. The package is $298 for a three-pack so the customer is getting one treatment for free.

Coastal Contours & Wellness

Coastal Contours and Wellness was started by Michael and Susan Bruno several years ago in Mobile, AL Their philosophy is to help people with their wellness, their health, and their overall image of themselves. They specialize in all-natural, non-invasive, non-UV health and wellness products and procedures to keep you looking and feeling your best.

Their tagline is, “You’re beautiful to begin with but we make it even more obvious.” They provide natural health and wellness services for facials, body contouring, body slimming, body toning, whole-body red light therapy, photobiomodulation, and pulsed electromagnetic frequency therapy.


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Trifecta Med Spa and Geneo

Trifecta Med Spa and Geneo

Trifecta Med Spa started about 7 years ago as a single location in NYC and has since grown to three locations in New York City and one location in Long Island. The key to their success, according to co-founder Victor Novesolov is a commitment to quality service. “We created a great team to work. Our people are our secret. For us customer service is everything. The customer always comes first. When we hire someone, we make sure that they share our philosophy. We do everything above and beyond to satisfy them. And of course, we offer amazing treatments.”

Immediate Results—People Come In and Go Out Glowing

Seeing success with Geneo’s customizability and no downtime, the team at Trifecta says, “We are located all across NYC so our customer base is very diverse. We see young professionals. About 20 to 25% of our customers are males and we cater to them and mostly our females are between 25 and 65. In NYC people are always in a rush. They come for facials during their lunchtime and they want in and out. They do not want other people to know that they did some procedure. And that’s actually an amazing thing about Geneo because it gives immediate results and people come in and go out glowing and that’s why it’s so popular. People love the results basically.”

Geneo: A High-Tech Treatment That Clients Love

The treatment variety is easy to navigate and customize for each client, “First, we listen to the client and then find out why people come to us and what the want and what we can offer them. We tell them…we don’t push anyone. We give the options and when we explain to them that you have amazing results with the Geneo and you’re going to get a pampered facial but it’s a high-tech facial. It’s not a regular facial”. Sharing the technology story and the opportunity for immediate results proves very successful, “You will see results—not only immediate results but these results will last. And when we explain everything a lot of people choose it. It’s a very unique procedure and people just like it because one of the main selling points for them is because they will come out of our medical spa and very few people will notice that they had something. They just see a glowing person with great skin.”

Geneo: A Truly Bespoke Facial

One of the unique combinations that Trifecta Med Spa offers is offering a skincare treatment serum called Universkin in combination with the Geneo Facial. Victor shared this experience, “We customize the Geneo and one of the great ideas behind this facial is that it’s highly customizable. We decided that our Geneo facial will last about 45 to 50 minutes. Sometimes we add masks. Very often we add another skincare product like Universkin.  We can really customize and make bespoke facials for our customers. That’s why we love it. For every person, we can make a bespoke facial. Everyone’s skin is different. We recommend and get them to try Geneo and see if they like it. And usually they do it again. Almost 100% of people they do it again.”

Geneo Treatments As Part Of A Skincare Routine

Victor noted, “Most of us are not growing younger so our recommendations is always to have a package—me included. I tried it myself as a client. I’m a guinea pig so when we got Geneo I tried and I loved it. I said we have to have it because it’s very easy to use and it gets amazing results. We had the Hdraf cial before and compared to the Hydrafcial it a much better experience from the customer’s standpoint. We got rid of all our Hydrafacials and only offer Geneo now.”

Victor explained that they typically sell packages for 3 and 6 visits. For 3-visit packages they offer a 10% discount and for a package of 6 visits they offer a 20% discount. Their single visit price point is about $300 for the Geneo. He stated, “We have success selling the package. Once people try the Geneo they like it and it becomes part of their skincare routine. They usually come once a month or once in 2 months”.

Trifecta Med Spa & Wellness

Trifecta Med Spa and Wellness was started 7 years ago in New York city and has grown to 3 locations in NYC and one in Long Island. They attribute their success to “Stellar customer service, state of the art technology, and a customized approach to each client and treatment.” They serve a diverse clientele across the NYC area and offer a full range of skincare treatments, focusing on mental wellbeing. The practice is lead by Dr. Edward Fruitman who is assisted by a staff of highly trained estheticians.

For more information on Trifecta Med Spa & Wellness visit www.trifectamedspanyc.com  or go to our Practice Finder Map.

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