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Skin Renewal with Oxygeneo®

Geneo Oxypods, creating oxygen within the skin, not just on the skin. Geneo’s patented Oxygeneo® technology occurs when the dormant all-natural ingredients in our OxyPods come into contact with the Geneo Primer Gel to encourage the release of CO2. The Oxygeneo® process triggers a natural physiological reaction in the body. Oxygen is carried to the surface of the skin where these increased levels enhance the absorption of the natural ingredients in the OxyPod and throughout the rest of the facial treatment.

Oxygenation, Exfoliation, Nourishment

The Geneo Facial begins when the natural ingredients in the Geneo OxyPod interact with the Geneo Gel during the Oxygeneo® phase of the facial. In this step, our patented Oxygeneo® technology combines with exfoliation, resulting in a bubbly, CO2 rich environment on the skin’s surface. Triggering the body’s unique, natural, physiological process of increased oxygen levels internally, the skin is prepped for maximum absorption. The oxygenation process promotes exfoliation and enhances the penetration of the active ingredients into the skin.

Delivering Oxygen Directly Into the Skin

  •  Increases blood flow & cell metabolism
  •  Hydrates and detoxifies the skin
  •  Promotes repair and regeneration of collagen & elastin


The Results

Natural skin oxygenation elevated 18%

Every Geneo facial provides immediate and long-lasting results: healthier, younger looking skin; reduced puffiness; and improved skin cell production. No matter what your age or skin type.

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