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Customer Service Is Everything

Trifecta Med Spa started about 7 years ago as a single location in NYC and has since grown to three locations in New York City and one location in Long Island. The key to their success, according to co-founder Victor Novesolov is a commitment to quality service. “Our people are our secret. For us customer service is everything. The customer always comes first. When we hire someone, we make sure that they share our philosophy. We do everything above and beyond to satisfy them. And of course, we offer amazing treatments.”

People Rush In and Go Out Glowing

Victor noted that in NYC people are always in a rush. They come for facials during their lunchtime and they want in and out. They do not want other people to know that they did some procedure. He highly recommends the Geneo because,” it’s actually an amazing thing about Geneo. It gives immediate results and people come in and go out glowing and that’s why it’s so popular. People love the results basically.”

A Skincare Treatment That Leaves You Feeling and Looking Great

“We give clients options and when we explain to them that you have amazing results with the Geneo and you’re going to get a pampered facial but it’s a high-tech facial. It’s not a regular facial. You will see results—not only immediate results but these results will last. And when we explain everything a lot of people choose it. It’s a very unique procedure and people just like it because one of the main selling points for them is because they will come out of our medical spa and very few people will notice that they had something. They just see a glowing person with great skin.”

The Red Carpet Treatment

Trifecta sometimes calls the Geneo “The Red Carpet facial”. They tell people that right after the facial you can go on the red carpet and you will look amazing. Victor shared the customer experience, “We customize the Geneo and one of the great ideas behind this facial is that it’s highly customizable. Sometimes we add masks. Very often we add another skincare product like Universkin.  We can really customize and make bespoke facials for our customers. For every person we can make a bespoke facial. Everyone’s skin is different. We recommend and get them to try Geneo and see if they like it. And usually,they do it again. Almost 100% of people they do it again.”

Trifecta Med Spa & Wellness

Trifecta Med Spa and Wellness was started 7 years ago in New York city and has grown to 3 locations in NYC and one in Long Island. They attribute their success to “Stellar customer service, state of the art technology, and a customized approach to each client and treatment.” They serve a diverse clientele across the NYC area and offer a full range skincare treatments, as well as focusing on mental wellbeing. The practice is lead by Dr. Edward Fruitman who is assisted by a staff of highly trained estheticians.

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