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Non-Invasive Preventive Skincare Treatments

Spa Bar Miami has been providing non-invasive skincare treatments to a wide range of clientele in Coral Gables, FL for 10 years. Owner/practitioner Natalia Moreno, noted, “We do everything that is non-invasive—facials, microdermabrasion, micro-needling. And now we offer the Geneo.”

Moreno selected the Geneo for her practice because she can use it on all of her clients and it aligns with her skincare philosophy. “I try to educate my clients about prevention, taking care of their skin when they’re young and, of course, at any age. I tell them you can treat your skin with non-invasive…take care of your skin every day and do non-invasive treatments.”

The flexibility of Geneo’s Technology

“What I like about the Gene is that it’s 3-in-1. It concentrates everything and you can really see the results on the same day. Everything is together and it’s for every type of skin, every age. The length of the treatment depends upon the client’s skin.” Moreno remarked.  “If I have a client that has rosacea, I will only do a light exfoliation, not too long. I will only do it for 5 minutes and stay away from where their rosacea is. When someone comes in with acne and acne scars, I can do a little bit more…the exfoliation for like 8 minutes. I had a client the other day that only had 30 minutes so we did a 30 minute treatment with the Geneo.”

Moreno also leverages Geneo to increase the success of other treatments, “I can do dermaplaning before the Geneo and I always do a mask after the Geneo. It all depends on how I see their skin. If their skin is too red…I will put a calming mask on. Sometimes I do LED light.”

Geneo: A Perfect Fit and An Introductory Offer

We also spoke with Moreno about maximizing profitability, “For the Geneo facial, I’m charging $200 right now. I retail it for $350 but since it’s a new product for me I want everybody to try it so I’m giving them $200 for the first time.”.  She also leverages Geneo to maintain a client in unique situations, “I have clients that come in for say a micro-needling and they say they have a wedding in two days and I tell them not to worry, I have a perfect fit for you. Let’s do Geneo, you’re going to be glowing, the ingredients are going to penetrate better, your make-up is going to look better.”

And “Bam” The Geneo Sells Itself

“People like to use technology. People like to have treatments with machines. The Geneo in particular, it really relaxes. On the ultrasound part, people say “I can stay here the whole day”. And then you finish with the massage and “bam” they’re hooked.”. Moreno has a process,“ I do the ultrasound very slow and I do it for 10 minutes. That’s the part of the treatment I always do for 10 minutes. I also incorporate 1 to 2 minutes on the neck.”

The Best Investment This Year

“What I like is that it has everything in one. You can make it 30 minutes, an hour, an hour and a half. You have everything there. And, of course, the revenue. If you do three Geneos in an afternoon you have $600 and you’re making good money that day. I love the machine. I think it’s one of the best investments that I’ve made this year.” Moreno shared.

Spa Bar Miami

Spa Bar Miami operates as a unique “spa bar” concept.  Their tagline is “Let your body escape during your lunch break or after work for a great time at our bar.” Whether clients want a quick pick-me-up, an in-depth facial, or a soothing massage, Spa Bar Miami invites guests to sit in one of our Spa Bar stools, and receive a 1-on-1, complimentary hands-on analysis of their skin by a qualified skincare specialist.  The analysis moves zone by zone so a client can learn about their individual skin needs, what products to use, and how to apply them. Spa Bar Miami is located in Coral Gables, FL and provides services to a wide spectrum of clients, from teenagers who suffer from acne clients in their 20’s who are concerned about preventing the signs of aging, to a clientele in their 40’s to 50’s.

For more information on Spa Bar Miami visit www.spabarmiami.com  or go to our Practice Finder Map