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Results You Can Rely On

Spa in the City, located in Dallas, TX, is a go-to spot for glowing skin for a reason. With several decades of experience, Spa Owner & Founder Josanne Stephens provides excellent care and exceptional results using quality skincare methods and technologies, making Geneo the perfect addition to her spa. “Geneo is an excellent facial treatment for those who would like younger-looking skin with ZERO downtime and is a huge fan favorite at Spa in the City,” says Josanne. “Clients love the instant gratification and difference they can see in their skin immediately after their treatment.”

Josanne and her staff are confident recommending Geneo to clients because it “offers a unique three-in-one approach to facial treatments, leaving skin looking and feeling rejuvenated with results you can maintain with further treatments.” She continues, “Thanks to Geneo working on both the inside and outside of the skin, its targeted treatments allow us to address specific skin concerns and tailor treatment options to the patient’s individual needs, such as to achieve skin that looks more youthful or address dull skin.” Some immediate results that clients have seen after just one Geneo treatment include improved skin texture, smoothness, and brightness.

There’s no one size fits all solution to skincare. Geneo offers four facial solutions that target specific skin concerns to treat clients of all ages and skin types, including signs of aging, dullness, hyperpigmentation, dryness, acne, and more. “The ability to perform a Geneo facial on ANYONE makes it a great addition for our practice,” says Josanne. Her and her staff have also seen success layering additional treatments onto a Geneo facial, such as extractions and masks.

The Best Plus One For Your Big Event

Geneo’s non-invasive patented technology leaves you with a red-carpet worthy glow with no downtime, so no need to worry about the potential complications or side effects caused by more invasive skincare treatments. “Geneo is a quick treatment that delivers fast results, making it ideal for patients that are short on time and have busy schedules,” says Josanne. “We love the way clients look immediately after. It is one of the few treatments that we can offer instant gratification. Clients’ skin is glowing, plump and extremely hydrated immediately after their Geneo treatments. We always recommend Geneo treatments prior to big events!” Weather it’s a prom, wedding, birthday bash or casual get together, Geneo is here to leave your skin refreshed, hydrated and bright! And if it couldn’t get any better, Josanne’s clients “also love that Geneo treatments are so relaxing and just feel GOOD!” What else could you ask for before a big event?

About Spa In The City

Spa in the City may have only been founded 11 years ago, but it was built on several decades of knowledge. Josanne Stephens, Owner & Founder, is the driving force behind this premier med spa tucked away on West Lovers Lane in Dallas. She has painstakingly sought out a team of professionals who reflect her passion and knowledge to give clients at Spa in the City the BEST experience possible. Not only does Josanne pride herself on not overdoing or contributing to a fake look, she encourages her staff to do the same. She is not afraid to say,  “no … that’s enough” to keep her clients away from duck lips or the over-done Real Housewives look. She will also approach aesthetics with her clients from a financially reasonable side; trying to work within everyone’s budget. Offering excellent client care and providing exceptional results is not just rhetoric at Spa in the City, it is their daily goal.